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A February Fresh Start

It's been a strange month, but then which month of the last year hasn't been strange? I wanted to focus on my writing in this post, as I finally feel like I've had a eureka moment, and wanted to think out loud with some of my ideas. (It's also been a slow reading month for… Continue reading A February Fresh Start

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Winter Blooms

It's 2021, and somehow, still January. At the beginning of the month, I almost gave in to my yearly desire for a planner, something cute with stars and moons and fresh pages waiting to be filled. But I stopped myself. Because I know this feeling, this desire to Get My Shit Together™ that happens every… Continue reading Winter Blooms

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A Little Perspective, and Some Hope

Reaching this point in the year is always a bit emotional, and makes me get even more introspective than usual. But I think we can all say that when the date ticks over to 2021, we'll all be cheering, even just internally. I know things won't change overnight, and there is still so much to… Continue reading A Little Perspective, and Some Hope