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Here Comes The Sun

I feel like all of my blog posts from the last year have been me trying to wax poetic about how strange life is now, and about how much we've had to adjust to in such a short time. But now, after over a year of living in a pandemic, I feel like I've gotten… Continue reading Here Comes The Sun

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March Madness (No, not that kind)

We've made it through Smarch, one of the roughest (for me) months of the year. Luckily we've had some amazing weather the past few days, and all the flowers and trees are blooming, so our little walks around the neighborhood have been lovely lately. I'm also making really good progress on my rewrite of HONORS… Continue reading March Madness (No, not that kind)

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A Little Perspective, and Some Hope

Reaching this point in the year is always a bit emotional, and makes me get even more introspective than usual. But I think we can all say that when the date ticks over to 2021, we'll all be cheering, even just internally. I know things won't change overnight, and there is still so much to… Continue reading A Little Perspective, and Some Hope