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Winter Blooms

It's 2021, and somehow, still January. At the beginning of the month, I almost gave in to my yearly desire for a planner, something cute with stars and moons and fresh pages waiting to be filled. But I stopped myself. Because I know this feeling, this desire to Get My Shit Together™ that happens every… Continue reading Winter Blooms

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New Series: Monthly ‘Goal Post’

Hello everyone! So is it just me, or has January gone on for what seems like an age? January is always a bit of a rough month (sorry January birthdays...), although this year it has REALLY DRAGGED. But we've made it, tomorrow is the 31st, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and… Continue reading New Series: Monthly ‘Goal Post’

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Mystery Blogger Award & Other News

Hooray it's finally spring! In London that means a week of glorious sunshine and blossoming trees...and then clouds and rain and hail for about two months. But hey at least things are blooming now! I've also FINALLY completed and submitted the final version of my PhD thesis. It was a long process, but it's so satisfying… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award & Other News